What makes Practice Support so unique is that we truly understand what it takes to successfully manage all aspects of a organizations’ billing & business recourse needs. We understand this because we’ve been in your shoes – having spent years through our own practices navigating everything from billing, to insurance, compliance, and more. We’ve truly identified the most effective and streamlined processes to maximize revenue and minimize costs for clinics and healthcare organizations across the country.

Our Services

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Organizational Behaviour Managemwent (OBM)
We’re able to manage all aspects of your business — operations, projects, people and metrics. Everything from billing and HR support, to overseeing the day to date operations.
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Billing Support: Medical, Slp, Ot, Aba, Psychology

Helping organizations identify, collect, and manage revenue from payers based on the services provided.

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
RCM solutions for medical clinics and organizations of all complexity levels, at every stage of growth.
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Eligibility & Verification
Determining a patient’s insurance coverage prior to scheduling services is key. Early verification benefits both your business and the patient.
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License Support
Licensing is a mandatory process that healthcare providers must go through in order to operate within their state. Let Practice Support help navigate all your licensing needs.
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Acturial Consulting
Advising clients on insurance, investment, and pension-related decisions using a variety of measurements.
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Audit Support
With our audit support services, we’ll serve as a liaison between you and your external auditing firm while assisting in a variety of ways including document preparation, consulting, and more.
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Let Practice Support be your go-to teammate in the cumbersome progress of credentialing. Only trusted, vetted, and verified insurance companies include healthcare providers to serve their customers, and we can assist in every step of the process.
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Packages: Policy Manuals & Supervision Requirements
Keeping you compliant with all necessary manuals and supervision requirements.

Practice Support Mission

Practice Support is a clinician founded company that understands the specific needs that we, as healthcare workers, face in building sustainable practices. Our goal is to simplify your billing and financial processes, so that you, our client, can focus on your core business of individual patient care and clinical development, that is, doing what you love.

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